Sunday, February 18, 2018

An interested Facebook reader commented, "No one will ever know the total truth. Only speculation."

Thanks for your input.
(1) One speculates only when one has no proof. The proof is in the book. Those who have read the book know it isn’t speculation. One also speculates or theorizes when one has no real-world knowledge of or experience in the subjects at hand. This author has a lifetime of experience in both rifle marksmanship and film editing, a unique perspective since knowledge of these two disciplines is crucial to solving the mystery.
(2) Everyone has the right to say that *they* will never know the total truth, but one cannot claim that nobody else will ever be able to solve this mystery.
Thanks again for your thoughts.  😊

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
--Edward Bauer-- 
“Bauer is not intimidated by conventional wisdom and thinks outside the box, but in a rational manner.”

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination 
--Edward Bauer--
 Paperback, Kindle:
 “…breaks very much new ground.”

Monday, February 5, 2018

Finding the answer to this tragic triple murder is entering its third and final phase.

The first phase was the conspiracy era, from the moment of the death of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 until 1993.  It was the heyday of writers who realized there was money to be made from unknowing, sometimes gullible, readers.  Little attention was paid to the truth.

The second phase began with the publication of Gerald Posner’s Case Closed.  For the first time, the importance of writing history correctly was fully appreciated.  Although the conspiracy industry continued to flourish, the maturing of the baby-boom generation caused many to see through the machinations of conspiracy authors and settle on the more practical, common-sense and believable single-gunman conclusion.  This phase lasted from 1993 until the present.

Now, the era of conspiracy books is over.  The era of books that simply debunk other theories is over.  The era of theories is over.

We are now embarking upon the third and concluding phase with Edward Bauer’s new book The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.  For the first time, theories have been replaced with real-world experience in rifle marksmanship and film editing, the two disciplines crucial to solving this mystery.  It’s not all conspiracy.  It’s not all lone assassin.  It is all fully substantiated historical reality.

Rather that start from scratch, The Final Truth begins where others left off.  It takes as given what previous researchers have proven and goes from there.  It doesn’t waste the reader’s time with topics that have been written about many times before or with issues that don’t directly help solve this mystery.  While other books continue to argue conspiracy-or-Oswald, this work goes beyond that and as a result breaks more new ground than any other work on the subject.  It scientifically yet engagingly resolves more than 16 popular mysteries that even the Warren Commission failed to explain.

The Final Truth is perfect for those who want a relatively short, informal, easy-to-read explanation of how— and most importantly why— these historic events unfolded.

Learn more about The Final Truth here:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One of several significant breakthroughs in The Final Truth is the 5-film “Jiggle Analysis” and triangulation leading back to the source of the shots.  Until this book, the Zapruder film was the only film studied for the jiggle effect.  The Final Truth examines that and four other films— Mark Bell, Robert Hughes, Elsie Dorman and Tina Towner— to pinpoint the place and the time of that enigmatic first shot. 

Just one of many groundbreaking ‘firsts’ in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why FBI Director Hoover lied about copper on the curb bullet gouge:

This is the most complex aspect of solving the mystery of the JFK assassination.  Briefly, the Hoover FBI needed to squash belief in a conspiracy and at the same time protect the Secret Service’s non-reaction to what they knew was a very early first shot.  They knew the bullet gouge was caused by Oswald zeroing his scope with that early first shot but to admit it would irreparably tarnish the reputation of the Secret Service.  Yet to declare that the gouge was from another type of bullet would be to admit a conspiracy.  Both could lead to a spike in assassination attempts and a de-stabilization of the government.

What would you do?
The FBI at first denied any curb gouge or even a mark existed.  When confronted with photos in the media, Hoover insisted that it was only a “smear” and not caused by a bullet.  Yet Dallas Sherriff’s Deputies Walthers and Sweatt as well as eyewitness James Tague stated that it was “a bullet mark, and freshly made.”  Other than that single un-sworn letter from Hoover to Rankin, there is no hard evidence that a spectrographic analysis was ever conducted.

Hoover did what he honestly believed was best for the country.  You might have done the same thing.  I would have.

Complete analysis and details:
The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
Edward Bauer

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Between the First and Second Shots

1. Oswald pre-selected the south curb of Main Street to zero the scope.  He had no other choice.
2. Aim, fire and note where dust kicked up relative to the crosshairs.  <Clock starts.  1 sec.>
3. Adjust windage and elevation screws.  <4 sec. max.>
4. Operate bolt.  <2 sec. max.>
5. Wait for JFK to appear from behind oak tree.  <as needed>
6. Acquire target and fire.  <up to 2.5 sec.  Clock stops.>

Total 9.5 seconds between the first and second shots.
Exactly where the FBI spliced 7 frames from the Tina Towner film to hide her jiggle reaction to that very early first shot.
You don’t just pick up a rifle and start shooting!
Details in The Final Truth, pp. 122‒123.


17 experts and gun manufacturers weigh in on the need to zero a reassembled rifle:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Final Truth solves this great mystery with breakthrough never-before-published original research and analyses, overturning much of what we know about the JFK assassination. It’s perfect for those who want a common sense, easy-to-read book that covers all the important facts. One expert called it “the best JFK assassination book I ever read.”

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
-- Edward Bauer