Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The clue to where Oswald was headed is the bus transfer found in his possession. He asked for that transfer because his specific escape plans were to transfer from the 30-Marsalis bus to the 55-Lancaster bus where those routes converged at the Dallas Zoo. He could then board the Greyhound bus, most likely at the Veterans Hospital, to Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey, Mexico.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination     -- Edward Bauer
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oswald’s shooting at Gen. Edwin A. Walker is the Rosetta Stone for solving this case. The reason Oswald missed Walker is the same reason his first shot at JFK ‘missed’: his Marine Corps indoctrination in the indispensable requirement of zeroing the reassembled firearm (or a lack thereof in the Walker instance).
Three days prior to the shooting, Oswald took the bus to the vicinity of the Walker residence with his rifle wrapped in a green military raincoat. He knew the shorter and less ‘rifle-looking’ the bundle, the less suspicion would be aroused so he disassembled it for transport. This first trip was for the sole purpose of hiding the bundle under some leaves about a mile from Walker’s home, just as his third trip three days after the shooting was solely to retrieve the Carcano.
David McCullough said about his biography of John Adams that he immersed himself in ‘becoming’ Adams. I did the same with Oswald. If I wanted to shoot Gen. Walker and had to take my rifle on the bus, I’d do everything I could to allay suspicion by shortening that bundle by any length. My life could depend on it.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
Edward Bauer

Friday, April 7, 2017

I distance myself from the Max Holland/Johann Rush theory; the only thing in common is an early first shot.  They said it hit the traffic signal support pole.  In fact, it was used for the indispensable requirement of zeroing (sighting-in) the rifle (adjusting windage & elevation) and wasn’t aimed at the limousine.  You don’t just pick up a rifle and start shooting!  Especially if it has been disassembled and reassembled.  It was purposefully fired at the Main St. curb and more than three seconds earlier than Holland/Rush, exactly where the seven frames are spliced out of the Tina Towner film by the FBI to hide her camera-jiggle reaction to that first shot.

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The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
Paperback and Kindle: