Friday, December 18, 2015

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The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Researchers accept as gospel J. Edgar Hoover’s claim (in a single un-sworn letter) that the spectrographic analysis of the bullet gouge in the Main St. curb showed no copper.  If the test had supported Hoover’s claim, the FBI would have released the results immediately.  Instead they destroyed them.

This was just part of the FBI cover-up.  The Final Truth explains why Hoover lied about this and the reasons behind the cover-up.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mysterious Phone Tip That Oswald Would Be Killed
The report in The Dallas Times Herald (11-25-63, p. 1) described a single anonymous 2:15 am telephone tip to “Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters.”  The FBI immediately “relayed” the tip to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and the Dallas Police Department.  Nobody from local law enforcement heard the tipster’s voice.

This may surprise my faithful readers but Jack Ruby likely placed that 2:15 am phone call.  He was pressured to kill Oswald and feared his clubs might be shut down if he didn’t.  He was hoping his attempt would be prevented, hence the call, and he knew he had to tip the FBI rather than local law enforcement who would have recognized his voice.  Afterwards he urged ‘get me out of Dallas to Washington so I can reveal my true motives,’ which were not the knee-jerk reasons of silencing Oswald or retribution for killing J. F. Kennedy.

But it was not a spur-of-the-moment killing.  This thing was staged.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The quickest way to get The Final Truth and start reading it is to download the Kindle version from (only $7.99):


Monday, November 23, 2015

Introducing the 4th in my series of short videos on YouTube, this one describing the first-ever jiggle analysis of 4 Dealey Plaza films. Hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Building upon previous discoveries is how scientific progress is made.  Scientists don’t keep repeating the same experiments over and over for 50 years.  They make certain assumptions and build upon them.  My book The Final Truth solves the mystery of the JFK assassination by building upon the results of past research, bypassing the old conspiracy-or-Oswald arguments and looking forward rather than backward.  It breaks abundant new ground and solidifies proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination


Monday, November 9, 2015

Serious History Finally Written Correctly

Don’t be misled by its informal easy-to-read style.  The Final Truth is an instructive history-based analysis worthy of being included in a reading list for high school and college students and faculty or anyone interested in the scientific truth of history.  There are over 300 citations, 1,200 Index references and 100 original or rarely seen illustrations.

Its title is appropriate: The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.


Friday, October 30, 2015


The map image below is from The Final Truth, pg. 169.

Oak Cliff.  Oswald’s path on foot (blue), the 30-Marsalis bus route (green), the 55-Lancaster bus route (red)  and the Greyhound bus route (white).  Oswald’s path goes from the boarding house, upper left, to 10th and Patton, where it abruptly reverses direction toward the Texas Theater.  The Marsalis and Lancaster routes converge at the Dallas Zoo.  The Lancaster and Greyhound routes both take Lancaster Road south of Saner Road.  The Veterans Hospital is at lower right.  Copyright 2012, 2014, 2015 Edward J. Bauer Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  Background Imagery Copyright Google 2011.
Oswald’s original escape plan did not include stopping at his boarding house.  He would take the Marsalis bus (which left Elm & Lamar at 12:40 pm— perfect timing) and use his transfer to board the Lancaster bus where the routes converged at the Zoo.  His forced change of plans meant he had to walk to the Lancaster route.  The book describes his escape path step-by-step and why he was forced south for several blocks.  At 10th Street he could finally turn northeast where his goal was the Lancaster bus stop at Ewing and Jefferson.  That, my friends, is where Oswald was headed.  (See The Final Truth, pp. 169‒180.)

There are other original maps in The Final Truth, each created by examining and deciphering blurry 1963 bus schedules literally street by street.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why did Oswald let himself get caught walking in the open along 10th Street?  An ex-Marine with a 118 IQ wouldn’t make that mistake.  Because that walk of vulnerability wasn’t in his original escape plans.  He deviated from those plans by getting off the Marsalis bus (and not due to heavy traffic).  The clue is the bus transfer; his original plans were to board another bus, the Lancaster bus, at the Dallas Zoo, then on to the Veterans Home.  Then South to freedom...

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination


Sunday, October 18, 2015

The day after Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald, the Dallas Times Herald ran this news article on the front page under the headline “Anonymous Call Forecast Slaying During Transfer”:

“An anonymous telephone call to Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters at 2:15 a.m. warned that Leo [sic] Harvey Oswald would be killed during his transfer from the city lockup to county jail.  The FBI said it immediately relayed the warning to police and the sheriff’s office. … Sheriff Bill Decker said his dispatcher received the call from the FBI just after 2:15 a.m.  The city police dispatcher said the call never came to his attention.  It could not be determined if it was routed to another office or official.”

Why did no one in local law enforcement follow up on this warning?  Original research in The Final Truth explains the real reason Ruby killed Oswald.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Friday, October 9, 2015

One of the many significant breakthroughs in The Final Truth is the four-film jiggle analysis triangulation leading back to the source of the shots.  Until this book, the Zapruder film was the only film studied for the jiggle effect.  The Final Truth examines that and four other films— Bell, Hughes, Dorman and Towner— to determine not only the place but the time of that enigmatic first shot.  One of many ‘firsts’ in The Final Truth.


Friday, September 18, 2015

As described in The Final Truth, once the answer was found, all the evidence made sense and everything fell into place:
  • 7 frames spliced from the Towner film
  • fresh bullet gouge on the Main St. curb
  • FBI destruction of spectrographic test results
  • Zapruder film splices
  • Oswald getting his rifle the night before
  • why the first shot missed: the need to sight-in the weapon
  • bus transfer found on Oswald
  • first time ever “jiggle analysis” of 4 films – they all triangulate back to the same point in space and time
  • new map of where the skull fragment was discovered
  • career-trained witness tell when the first shot was fired


Saturday, September 12, 2015

“What survives, the hypothesis that resists disproof in this Darwinian selection among “multiple working hypotheses,” has a much better chance of being the right answer than if you had simply run with the first idea that caught your fancy."

– Dr. Carl Sagan


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hope you all enjoy the new YouTube video “16 Mysteries Solved By The Final Truth.”  It’s 3½ minutes in length and this one actually has sound!


Friday, August 28, 2015

From page 79 of The Final Truth: the location where Billy Harper said he found the skull fragment:


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Not only was his Mannlicher-Carcano an accurate weapon, but Oswald was an excellent marksman.  Here’s proof from page 128 (paperback version) of my book The Final Truth. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The tale of the Mannlicher-Carcano being a poor weapon was part of a series of fabrications by conspiracy authors to try to explain that Oswald didn’t shoot JFK.  They offer no supporting evidence for their claim.  From my book The Final Truth, page 126, “The FBI determined that the rifle itself, without the damage to the telescopic sight, was “a very accurate weapon.” 12  In fact, the U. S. Army’s Ballistics Research Laboratory bench tested this particular rifle and found it as accurate as the M-14,13 the standard issue U. S. rifle until 1970.”

Major world powers, which Italy was in the late 1930s when Oswald’s carbine was manufactured, just don’t equip their military with inferior weaponry.  This is the real world out here.  Be careful what you tell people you believe. 

Next post: Proof that Oswald was an excellent marksman.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I distance myself from the Max Holland/Johann Rush theory; the only thing in common is an early first shot.  My conclusion differs substantially, mainly because of *why* the first shot missed.  They said it hit the traffic signal support pole.  In fact, it was used for the indispensable requirement of sighting-in the rifle (windage & elevation) and wasn’t aimed at the limousine in the first place.  You don’t just pick up a rifle and start shooting!  Especially if it has been disassembled and reassembled.  It was purposefully fired downrange and more than three seconds earlier than Holland/Rush, exactly where the seven frames are spliced out of the Tina Towner film by the FBI to hide her camera-jiggle reaction to the first shot.

For the complete solution, see my book:
The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination


Saturday, July 25, 2015

There’s been mention of this, but for those not aware:

Special Agent John D. Ready, primary protection for President Kennedy, stood on the right front running board of the Secret Service follow-up car.  His reports stated he stepped off, intending to go toward the President.  But he was immediately called back by Special Agent Emory P. Roberts...” (Warren Report, p. 51.)  Their SS reports do not say exactly when this occurred.  Neither was interviewed by the Warren Commission.

However, Ready can actually be seen briefly at the extreme right of the Orville Nix film.  Nix’s camera filmed at 18.5 frames per second.  At 1.3 seconds after the fatal head shot, he is still standing upright.  At 1.4 seconds he has begun to step down to the street.  He ends his downward movement about 1.6 seconds (30 frames) after the head shot.  He is then panned out of frame.
Ready can be seen in this slo-mo of the Nix film from 0:44 through 1:02:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The seven frames spliced out of the Tina Towner film recorded a major camera jiggle.  The FBI removed this jiggle to cover up an early first shot.

The logic is simple:
1. Seven frames are missing (spliced out) from the Tina Towner film.
2. The Towners did not remove them.
3. Other than the Towners, the FBI were the only ones in possession of the film.
4. The FBI were the only ones who could have possibly removed these seven frames.
5. The FBI removed these seven frames.
6. These seven frames reveal a major camera jiggle.  (See below.)
7. This camera jiggle is Tina Towner’s reaction to the first shot.
8. This camera jiggle occurs as the limousine is making the turn onto Elm Street.
9. Most career-trained witnesses said that the first shot occurred as the limousine was making the turn onto Elm Street or in the process of completing its turn.
10. The detailed jiggle analysis in The Final Truth demonstrates that Tina Towner would have reacted exactly at the first missing frame.

Conclusion:  The first shot was fired as the limousine was making the turn onto Elm Street immediately prior to the seven-frame jiggle splice in the Tina Towner film.

Note the sharp upward movement during the missing frames, a radical aberration from her otherwise smooth-as-glass pan.  Added yellow lines help show this sharp rapid movement within 0.307 of a second (the Towner’s camera filmed at 22.8 frames per second).  The splice is between T084 and T085.  This video uses retouched versions of these frames not obscured by splicing cement.

Detailed description in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.

Monday, July 13, 2015

When you determine what you believe happened, can you support it with why?  The “why” makes the “what” credible.

When confronted with the “why” question, the response is often “We’ll never know.”  Why not?  Ask someone with a lifetime of experience in rifle marksmanship and film editing.  Someone who doesn’t need to theorize.

Why was the first shot fired?  Why did it miss?
Why were frames spliced out of the Zapruder and Towner films?

Experience.  Analysis.  Answers.  The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New The Final Truth Video

Thanks for all your thoughtful replies.
A newer, different and hopefully improved 3-minute video is now on YouTube.
Hope you like it.  Feedback welcome.

Edward Bauer
The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

Monday, June 29, 2015

“Why the first shot did not occur at or near Zapruder frame Z160.”
Reason Eight: Oswald’s Position in the Sniper’s Nest

As shown in the Secret Service re-enactment film, Oswald was back from the window to rest the rifle muzzle on the box he placed there for stability.  (See my FB post February 6, 2015.)  If he were firing at the limousine with his first shot, he could not have acquired the target as early as Z160 without drastically repositioning himself.  He could only have fired downrange from his position.  He *was* firing downrange, but not at the limousine and much earlier than Z160.

For reasons 1-7, see my blog post Thursday, May 21, 2015.

For the complete detailed analysis and supporting evidence, please see my book The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why were seven frames spliced out of the original Tina Towner film?

I’m not the first to conclude that the Towner splice was a result of the first shot, but The Final Truth is the only source to demonstrate why: the need of Oswald to zero the carbine with his first shot and the need of the FBI to cover up an early first shot.

The Final Truth, for the first time anywhere, performs jiggle analyses on four films plus the Zapruder film: Towner, Bell, Hughes and Dorman.  They triangulate back to the TSBD with an early first shot.  Zapruder shows jiggles at the proper times for shots 2 and 3 but wasn’t filming at the first shot.  Bell and Hughes show jiggles exactly when expected.  Dorman’s holding her husband’s camera against her face dampened her jiggles.  Towner’s 7-frame splice is exactly when she would have reacted, to the very frame.  Other than the Towners, the FBI were the only ones in possession of that film.  Yes, the FBI deliberately spliced the camera jiggle out of Tina Towner’s film.  It’s not the only film they spliced.

Detailed account only in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seven reasons why Oswald’s first shot was not fired at or near Zapruder frame Z160.

Reason One: The Zapruder Film Itself.

Do you remember your reaction the first time you heard a live rifle round being fired?  You flinched.  Some of you jumped right out of your skins.  You were startled at how unexpectedly loud it was, even if you were prepared for it.  There are at least 63 people in Z160, not including anyone in the motorcade or escort.  They were not expecting any such “painfully loud” explosion.  Nearly all would have flinched in unison.  Many would have instinctively turned toward the source of the rifle fire, the sixth floor of the TSBD.  Everyone lining Elm Street, most evidently the women in the foreground, would have reacted.  If Gov. Connally and Rosemary Willis responded to a rifle blast, why did no one else in these frames as much as bat an eye?  The faster Connally turned to his right, the more certain others would have also shown startle movements.  Yet there were none.  The Governor turned to his right to look at the crowd for the hundredth time during the motorcade, and 10-year-old Rosemary Willis turned in response to being called by her father Phil.

Reason Two: Career-Trained Witnesses.

You could not ask for a more perceptive group of witnesses to be assembled in one place: the nation’s senior journalists, top-of-the-line Secret Service agents and Dallas City and County law enforcement officers.  All are career-trained to accurately observe and report events.  That’s their job.  Most testified that the first shot occurred as the limousine was turning from Houston onto Elm or in the process of completing its turn, about six seconds earlier than Z160: Secret Service agents Paul Landis and Clint Hill, Chief Criminal Deputy Allan Sweatt and journalists Robert H. Jackson and Tom C. Dillard among many others.  One 13-year-old girl, Tina Towner, disagreed, claiming that the shot came after she had stopped filming.  Ten-year-old Rosemary Willis also contradicted these professionals.  Which witnesses do you choose to believe?  All witnesses are not equal.  Our beliefs must be tempered by a development of discriminating standards.

Z160 shows the Presidential limousine and the Secret Service follow-up car having completed the turn and proceeding down Elm Street.  There’s a large gap, and then the Vice President’s car making the turn, just about where the President’s limo was when the first shot was fired, according to these career-trained witnesses.  Can they be ignored?

Reason Three: The Timing of Oswald’s Three Shots.

A tough-to-ignore majority of witnesses testified to a significantly greater time interval between the first two shots and the last two: Victoria Adams, Barbara Rowland, Arnold Louis Rowland, Chief Criminal Deputy Allan Sweatt, and journalist Robert H. Jackson, among many others.  Do we discount them all?

We know from the Zapruder film that 4.9 seconds elapsed between the second shot at Z224 and the third at Z313.  Yet only 3.5 seconds elapsed between Z160 and Z224.  That would mean Oswald completely missed everything at or near Z160, but then within the next 3.5 seconds managed to operate the bolt— up, back, forward and down— acquire the target in the scope’s crosshairs and fire a near-perfect strike just as the President was coming into view from behind the oak tree.  For those with marksmanship experience, there are more plausible explanations.

Reason Four: The Necessity of Sighting-In the Rifle.

The primary rule in firing for accuracy is that you must first sight-in, or zero, your weapon.  Even the greenest marksman knows you don’t just pick up a rifle and start shooting.  Oswald knew from experience that his Carcano would never hold its zero (remain sighted-in) after being disassembled and reassembled.  He had learned that lesson by his failure to hit Gen. Walker.  A minimum of eight or nine seconds is required to re-zero with the first shot, placing it much earlier than Z160.

Reason Five: Why the First Shot Missed.

Is there any better explanation for the first shot completely missing the limousine than that it wasn’t aimed at the car to begin with?  Oswald used the first shot for the indispensable task of sighting-in his carbine and it ‘missed’ because it was aimed at another specific target in Dealey Plaza.  He chose a target that would kick up some dust and could easily be seen by him but few others.  Would you rather believe it silently hit a tree branch or a traffic light support pole and bounced so far away it was never located?  Or would you rather believe the ex-Marine accidentally squeezed the trigger and let loose an unintended high-powered rifle shot God knows where?  Oswald hit his target both times he tried.  He wasn’t aiming at the President with the first shot. 

Reason Six: Splices in Three Films.

Seven critical frames were deliberately removed from the Tina Towner film, just at the point where the limousine was making the turn onto Elm Street (after frame T084).  And four telltale frames from two different copies of the Zapruder film were spliced out, just before the President disappeared behind the Stemmons Freeway sign (Z208‒Z211).  The Towner film and one of the Zapruder copies were spliced while in possession of the FBI.  In the latter case, the cover-up excuse was a “lab accident.”  In the former, the Towner splice is precisely where credible career-trained witnesses said they heard the first shot (see Reason Two) and the FBI couldn’t tolerate an early first shot.

Reason Seven: Incorrect Assumptions.

There is no logical reason to assume that Abe Zapruder’s film captured all three shots.  There are practical real-world reasons why it didn’t.  Once we learn what Oswald already knew, the need to sight-in his re-assembled Carcano to achieve the required accuracy, it becomes clear why the first shot was fired and therefore when it was fired.  The time it took to re-zero mandated an early first shot, well before Zapruder began his famous sequence at Z133.   

(As a surprising oddity, another filmer did capture all three shots.  But it wasn’t Abraham Zapruder.)

For the complete detailed analysis and supporting evidence, see The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A reviewer recently paid The Final Truth the ultimate compliment: “bereft of bias or agenda.”  This was a conscious decision, a deliberate approach.  The result is a surprisingly balanced account, exposing both the integrity and the failings of all parties.  The real world is more complex than white hat/black hat or Conspiracy/Oswald.  In fact, the truth is both.

Serious History Finally Written Correctly

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.