Monday, November 3, 2014

16 Mysteries The Final Truth resolves that even the Warren Commission failed to explain:
  • the shot that ‘missed,’ the Holy Grail: why, when and where it was fired
  • Oswald's escape plans and why he was at Tenth and Patton when confronted by Officer J. D. Tippit
  • the tremendous significance of Oswald’s short two-block bus ride
  • why the FBI lied about the fresh bullet mark on the Main St. curb
  • Gov. and Mrs. Connally's fundamental disagreement with the Warren Commission Report
  • the Single Bullet Theory
  • the puffs of smoke and muzzle flashes
  • why no assassins were firing from the grassy knoll
  • the mysterious Harper skull fragment
  • “Badgeman”
  • burn marks on the Hughes film and splices in Tina Towner’s film
  • the only one of 10 filmers whose camera was rolling during all three shots (It’s not who you think.)
  • the infamous Dictabelt recording
  • why Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano fired high and to the right
  • that enigmatic paper gun-sack
  • the deliberate film splice LIFE magazine called a "lab accident"
  • and much more.

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