Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Final Truth establishes rationale and point-of-view, reveals the reasons behind Oswald’s instability, his attempt to assassinate General Edwin A. Walker, his Marine Corps service, trips to the USSR, New Orleans and Mexico City, second-by-second details of his three rifle shots at President Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository, his specific escape plans and his murder of Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit.  The work analyzes the third and second shots at JFK and after a brief tour of your local rifle range, devotes four chapters to solving the mystery of that first shot.  The book illustrates how motion pictures taken that day in Dealey Plaza, especially those of Tina Towner, Mark Bell, Robert Hughes, Elsie Dorman and Abraham Zapruder, combined with a clear explanation of the laws of physics, prove beyond doubt exactly how that historic sequence of events unfolded.

The work also includes an original investigation of the real reason Jack Ruby killed Lee Oswald. 

With supplementary threads weaving their way throughout the manuscript, The Final Truth concludes with an emotional closing chapter dedicated to the true heroes of this tragedy.


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