Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why were seven frames spliced out of the original Tina Towner film?

I’m not the first to conclude that the Towner splice was a result of the first shot, but The Final Truth is the only source to demonstrate why: the need of Oswald to zero the carbine with his first shot and the need of the FBI to cover up an early first shot.

The Final Truth, for the first time anywhere, performs jiggle analyses on four films plus the Zapruder film: Towner, Bell, Hughes and Dorman.  They triangulate back to the TSBD with an early first shot.  Zapruder shows jiggles at the proper times for shots 2 and 3 but wasn’t filming at the first shot.  Bell and Hughes show jiggles exactly when expected.  Dorman’s holding her husband’s camera against her face dampened her jiggles.  Towner’s 7-frame splice is exactly when she would have reacted, to the very frame.  Other than the Towners, the FBI were the only ones in possession of that film.  Yes, the FBI deliberately spliced the camera jiggle out of Tina Towner’s film.  It’s not the only film they spliced.

Detailed account only in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.


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