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The map image below is from The Final Truth, pg. 169.

Oak Cliff.  Oswald’s path on foot (blue), the 30-Marsalis bus route (green), the 55-Lancaster bus route (red)  and the Greyhound bus route (white).  Oswald’s path goes from the boarding house, upper left, to 10th and Patton, where it abruptly reverses direction toward the Texas Theater.  The Marsalis and Lancaster routes converge at the Dallas Zoo.  The Lancaster and Greyhound routes both take Lancaster Road south of Saner Road.  The Veterans Hospital is at lower right.  Copyright 2012, 2014, 2015 Edward J. Bauer Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  Background Imagery Copyright Google 2011.
Oswald’s original escape plan did not include stopping at his boarding house.  He would take the Marsalis bus (which left Elm & Lamar at 12:40 pm— perfect timing) and use his transfer to board the Lancaster bus where the routes converged at the Zoo.  His forced change of plans meant he had to walk to the Lancaster route.  The book describes his escape path step-by-step and why he was forced south for several blocks.  At 10th Street he could finally turn northeast where his goal was the Lancaster bus stop at Ewing and Jefferson.  That, my friends, is where Oswald was headed.  (See The Final Truth, pp. 169‒180.)

There are other original maps in The Final Truth, each created by examining and deciphering blurry 1963 bus schedules literally street by street.

The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination

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