Sunday, June 25, 2017

One door opens, everything falls into place.

If you’re old enough to have lived through the JFK assassination, you followed the shifting conventional wisdom as it was buffeted hither and yon with each new discovery.  Before even the Single Bullet Theory, you clearly recall when that wisdom pushed the time of the first shot forward one second to just before the President disappeared behind the Stemmons  Freeway sign: the FBI’s case for an unpreventable late first shot.  No argument, we all remember it happening.

We also recall three years later, on the last business day before Christmas buried in an obscure back-page article in The Baltimore Sun, the FBI and LIFE magazine admitted four frames were removed from the Zapruder film in a “lab accident” the day after the assassination— the exact frames (Z208‒Z211) that would have disproven a late first shot since Kennedy showed no reaction to such a shot.

Fast forward to the early ‘70s when film expert Jack D. White of Fort Worth is the first to notice a seven-frame splice in Tina Towner’s film.  The FBI had the film when the splice was made, a splice that removes a major “camera jiggle” in the 13-year-old’s film.  A jiggle reaction that pinpoints a very preventable, very early first shot.

The dominoes begin to tumble.  Two Secret Service agents on the running boards of the follow-up car, Clint Hill and Paul Landis, testify that the first shot was fired as the limo was “beginning to straighten out” during the turn from Houston St. onto Elm, exactly where the Towner splice occurs.  Finally, a first-ever jiggle analysis of the Towner, Hughes, Bell and Dorman films by this author demonstrates that the first shot exploded from Oswald’s rifle less than two fames prior to Tina Towner’s spliced-out camera jiggle reaction.  So why did Lee need to fire the first shot so early?  Domino “zero” holds the answer.
It is the “why” that solves the “what”... only in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination.  Hope you enjoy it!

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