Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I distance myself from the Max Holland/Johann Rush theory; the only thing in common is an early first shot.  My conclusion differs substantially, mainly because of *why* the first shot missed.  They said it hit the traffic signal support pole.  In fact, it was used for the indispensable requirement of sighting-in the rifle (windage & elevation) and wasn’t aimed at the limousine in the first place.  You don’t just pick up a rifle and start shooting!  Especially if it has been disassembled and reassembled.  It was purposefully fired downrange and more than three seconds earlier than Holland/Rush, exactly where the seven frames are spliced out of the Tina Towner film by the FBI to hide her camera-jiggle reaction to the first shot.

For the complete solution, see my book:
The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination


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