Thursday, August 13, 2015

The tale of the Mannlicher-Carcano being a poor weapon was part of a series of fabrications by conspiracy authors to try to explain that Oswald didn’t shoot JFK.  They offer no supporting evidence for their claim.  From my book The Final Truth, page 126, “The FBI determined that the rifle itself, without the damage to the telescopic sight, was “a very accurate weapon.” 12  In fact, the U. S. Army’s Ballistics Research Laboratory bench tested this particular rifle and found it as accurate as the M-14,13 the standard issue U. S. rifle until 1970.”

Major world powers, which Italy was in the late 1930s when Oswald’s carbine was manufactured, just don’t equip their military with inferior weaponry.  This is the real world out here.  Be careful what you tell people you believe. 

Next post: Proof that Oswald was an excellent marksman.

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